BARNSTORM 19 Lineup  

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Slo’ Tom and The Handsome Devils

Slo' Tom and The Handsome Devils band membersHey, my name is Slo’ Tom. I write crazy rollicking country songs – basically mini “how to” guides to getting drunk and gettting lucky! If that sounds up your alley (ya weirdo) then…  We’re a four piece country band – acoustic guitar, chicken pickin’ electric, bass and drums. Lots of harmonies and funny lyrics. Slo’ Tom and the Handsome Devils formed around 2009 and our album “Musta  Been a Pretty Good Night!” was released in October 2012. Our 2013 album “I’m Sick” received rave reviews and we had a song chosen by the Ottawa Citizen as one of the Top Ten releases of 2013. Good times!

Slo’ Tom: Acoustic guitar and lead vocals
JJ Higgs: Electric guitar, lap steel and backing vocals
Rob “Chops” Snazdell-Taylor: Bass
Jon “Killer” Kiely: Drums and backing vocals


      The K&P Don't Run No More - Slo'Tom


KJ Thomas

Photo of KJ ThomasKJ Thomas will be bringing you a sound that keeps blues, country-folk, and rockabilly in a tight tango. Backed by a band of greats; Steve Donnelly on guitar, Rob Lethbridge on stand up, Andre Ferraton on drums, Jim McDowell on keys, and Brady Leafloor on horns. Last year, KJ released to full albums of new music in a unique double album release, one written soley by her, the other written by Steve Donnelly.The band will be coming off the heels of Bluesfest and will be highly ready to kick off your Barnstorm adventure!


Area Resident

Photo of Area Resident BandArea Resident is the music of Ottawa journalist Doug Hempstead, who records at home between splits shifts as a CBC radio traffic reporter. The songs are often based on stories he’s covered or has come into contact with as a reporter. They draw heavily from his Ottawa Valley upbringing. The Valley is where Doug’s music gets its finishing touches. Following the initial recording, the tracks are sent to producer/musician Jordon Zadorozny (Blinker The Star) at Skylark Park in Pembroke, for overdubs, mixing and to be produced and mastered.

Doug Hempstead: Drums and vocals

John Higney (The Flaps): Guitars and keys

Paul Jensen: Guitar

Kristy Nease: Bass


The Bushpilots

The Bush Pilots bandSome bands play like they’re the last rock and roll band on earth. The Bushpilots are one of those bands.
‘Swerve’ (2012), co-produced with Dave Draves, is the fourth album from Ottawa’s The Bushpilots, following the acclaimed debut ‘Sonic Scenery’ (2005) and the raucous ‘Fourteen Dollar Motel’ (2007) and the ambitious ‘Seven Ways to Broadway’ (2009). The Bushpilots have been tearing up stages at festivals and clubs alike in Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec for almost a decade.
Steeped in severe rock and roll tradition and whip smart songwriting, ‘Seven Ways To Broadway’ features ten brand new original tracks and a hellfire cover of The Flying Burrito Bros. classic ‘Sin City’.
The Bushpilots, formed in 2002, have created an album that proves the band has an innate understanding of what it takes to make a rock and roll song work.
They like to call it analog rock and roll. Kinda like that old dial wall phone hanging in the basement, only louder.

Rob Bennett: Vocals, guitar and harmonica
Fred Guignion: Lap Steel
Gilles Mantha: Drums
Jeff Monette: Bass
Tom Pechloff: Piano, organ and vocals
Glen Russell: Guitar and vocals


Evil Farm Children

Evil Farm Children band membersSince their formation in 2005 until their semi-retirement as a band in 2013, this raw and raunchy trio from Canada’s capital gathered a legion of fans, and a reputation for intense stage shows. Their sound is real rock’n’roll, with a roots-rock flavour. The band can easily do a rocking surf instrumental with the fervor of Dick Dale, and, in a heartbeat, shift gears to roll right into a rockin’ rockabilly rave up, or a Stooges influenced, feedback infused, pounding rock’n’roll song.  During their active years, this trio had been regularly playing many of Ottawa’s live music venues, as well as traveling to play various clubs in Toronto, Montreal, London, Hamilton, Peterborough, and several other towns in Southern Ontario. They performed at the 2008 Ottawa Blues Festival. Their original material, as captured in their 3 released recordings (Knuckle Duster CD EP, The Evilling album, and Three Orange Whips 7”), matters most, but for their live shows, the band likes to have fun by whipping out some heavily “Evil-ized” versions of songs by the likes of Max Webster, Dick Dale, Black Sabbath, Tom Waits, Deke Dickerson, Conway Twitty & Loretta Lynn, Link Wray, and, even Alice Cooper.

Dave Kerr: Guitar and Lead Vocals

Janice Fitzsimmons: Bass, Lead and Backing Vocals

Jeb Bond: Drums, Background Vocals


The Reverb Syndicate

Reverb Syndicate band membersThe Reverb Syndicate was formed in late-2005 in Ottawa, Canada with the simple concept of exploring and re-imagining the music of groups from The Ventures to Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet via the soundtracks of old spy movies. This concept has led them to four independently-released albums, heavy gigging throughout Ontario and Quebec, recurring gigs in New York City, and two UK tours.
In 2006, they introduced the masses to their blend of sixties spy movie music and classic surf rock with their debut album, “Operation: Jet Set!”. In 2007, they blasted off into the stars with the space-themed “Sputnik A-Go-Go”. In 2011, it was back to the wild west with “Mondo Cacti”, where spaghetti westerns reign supreme.
Now The Reverb Syndicate is ready to begin a new adventure, one that finds our heroes pitted against an evil uprising of the Commodore 64 (spoiler alert: the machines win). Let the “Odyssey” begin…

Mike Bradford: Lead guitar & Commodore 64
James Rossiter: Rhythm guitar & Keyboards
Jeff Welch: Bass
Michael Sheridan: Drums & Shouting


Guest DJ, Elorious Cain

A survivor of the 1970’s disco boom, Elorious Cain has a reputation of spinning an Elorious Cainuncommon variety of new genres with ease. According to Jennifer Hartley in Ottawa Life Magazine “Cain is the eclectic and effervescent DJ who has trained some of the world’s most renowned DJs but who himself thankfully refuses to take his groove away from the Capital”.  His show “The Groove” is often called “CKCU’s flagship disco show”.  It remains as much a current source of discotheque music as it has for the last 38 years.