BARNSTORM 13: Bands and Music

No Fly List

With one foot placed in the folk/alt-country camp of Wilco/Neil Young, and the other in complete unironic admiration of 70s Aerosmith, Pink Floyd and Thin Lizzy — No Fly List compose original songs bathed in the glimmer of these timeless influences. Their debut album, Blaze On shows considerable range, with all the intensity and bluster of the best of hard rock filtered through the introspective lens of the singer-songwriter. This dynamic is firmly on display throughout Blaze On — from the rhythm n’ booze of album opener “4 Chords Away” to the pulsating, almost metal-sounding “Self Disciplined” and the fragile, plaintive psychedelic-folk of the title track.

Kris Millett – vocals, electric & acoustic guitars
Reza Kazemi – vocals, drums, synth, guitars
Jon Hill – vocals, electric & acoustic guitar
Russ Schipilow – vocals, bass, guitars

The Flaps

The Flaps originally intended to play instrumental music reminiscent of European b-movie soundtracks — you know — the sort that feature vampire lesbians; but, after several years rehearsing in dank subterranean environs in the nation’s capital, their sound has evolved into an eclectic mix of surf-rock, Japanese film soundtracks, raunchy garage-fueled R&B and apocalyptic jazz-nerdery.

Pat Lawlor – guitar
John Higney – guitar, lap steel, keyboards
Jamie Gullikson – drums and whacking
Martin Newman – bass guitar


The fiery and flamboyant Good2Go singer kicks out the jams with big boots and a burning rock desire. On stage Miss Maureen likes to cook the rawk with rocket fuel and that always leads to a smoking live show that you’ll never forget.

Faster than a speeding bullet, Christian lets loose some pretty friggin’ good rock n roll guitar. His vintage Fender Stratocaster can go from 0-100 mph in well under 20 nanoseconds.

Reg “Super Sizes” the Good2Go sound with his old Fender Precision bass and as an engine coolant Reg believes beer works best.

Gilles plays the drums the same way a lumber jack drops trees. His Gretsch drum kit has suffered many years of abuse but still enjoys the hard hitting brutality. Watch Gilles play the drums and you will believe!

Miss Maureen – vocals
Christian Lapensee – guitar
Reg Allen – bass
Gilles Mantha – drums
Glen Russell – keyboards

Muffler Crunch

Muffler Crunch plays the heaviest music in the world on Sparky, the crappiest guitar in the world. We ARE hard rock!

Muffler Crunch’s future goal is to be able to afford to tour and play and play and play and keep on playing eventually playing for Conan O’Brien someday. Their mission is to inspire you and blow you away.

Angie Barbarian – drums, lead vocals
Luc – guitar

Jack Pine and The Fire

The jack pine is not your average tree. It sheds its seeds within a pinecone, like other pines, but the cone itself remains sealed until its seed is finally set free by the extreme heat of a forrest fire. In short, it thrives while everything around it dies. Jack Pine and The Fire, a project of Ottawa singer/songwriter/producer Gareth Auden-Hole, evokes that very same theme of finding direction in chaos. On tape and on stage, the band’s fingers strike acoustic strings with rare power and intensity, weaving intricate rhythms through striking melodies while Jack Pine’s voice, as sweet as it is raw and tattered, soars above the roaring Fire. Their self-titled debut merges the richness of roots music, the twang of old-time country, and the frantic energy of gritty rock as they hammer out a truly unique brand of driving ‘black-skied folk’; the result is a debut release that’s been called “One of the most rockin folk albums of the year!”.

Gareth Auden-Hole – Mandolin, Guitars, Vocals
Martin Newman – Bass
Tim Watson – Drums, Percussion
Stuart Rutherford – Dobro
Andre Desroches – Guitar, Tenor Guitar

Mahogany Frog

Mahogany Frog is an instrumental electronic rock band from Winnipeg. The music draws influence from ’60s psychedelia, electronica, ’70s progressive/kraut-rock, jazz, 50?s “ultra” lounge and ambient/experimentalism. Using an arsenal of keyboards (Moog/ARP/Farfisa/Korg/Rhodes/Nord), cacophonous, feedback-ridden guitars, fuzz-bass and walls of electronics, the group creates dynamic, multi-layered songs which explore tone, mood and composition. Although Mahogany Frog’s unorthodox sounds and complex arrangements can challenge the ear, their haunting progressions and playful melodies are immediately catchy and satisfying. Onstage the band performs furiously and at massive volumes, often connecting multiple songs together with interludes consisting of ambient noise. Over the past decade Mahogany Frog has recorded five LPs, delivered high-profile performances at Pop Montreal, Winnipeg Jazz Festival, Prog Day in Chapel Hill, NC and SESC in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and shared the stage with notable artists such as Caribou, Deerhoof, The Besnard Lakes and Eric’s Trip. Their upcoming LP “SENNA” is scheduled for a summer 2012 release.

Graham Epp – guitar/keyboards/trumpet
Jesse Warkentin – guitar/keyboards
Scott Ellenberger – bass/keyboards/trumpet 
Andy Rudolph – drums/electronics

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