Barnstorm 16

Barnstorm 16 was a huge success – the weather was fantastic (again), and audience members and musicians had a wonderful time. Several people have commented that this was the best Barnstorm yet (they always say that), and that this is THE music festival to play (which is true). I still find it surprising that attendance did not go up despite lot’s of media coverage in the Citizen, the Sun, and on radio including the CBC. Oh, well, I guess it will remain the best kept secret, underrated, high end of low budget music festivals.

Thank you to everyone who made this event great, including of course the bands that made the magic happen. You all played scorching sets!
I want to thank all of the volunteers – I couldn’t do it without you, but first I want to thank the new members, that joined the crew, and some that stepped in to fill the void Mark Valcour left behind. I of course have simplified your contributions, but know they were huge. Also, I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone, but if I do I apologize in advance.

Marc Grondin who came up twice to work out the details of some audio gear I purchased. He is also constantly working on the Roboscans, the big light that does effects, but there’s another one. Thanks Marc!

Dave Sarazin for coming up on the Friday to setup the audio gear and he is the one who recorded the show. Thanks Dave!

Dan Foss also stepped up to the plate in the audio department and did a crazy job including going back to Ottawa for more gear. Also, his daughter Stephanie who helped out in the lights and sound area’s. Thanks Dan!

Big Lou was just some guy who delivered our lawn tractors from repair, but was so impressed, he came with the free popcorn and other goodies. He was also responsible for the big moose. Thanks Louis!

Elorious Cain was our DJ for the night and from all accounts it was spectacular as expected. Thanks Elorious!

Lynne Hanson for setting the fires and pressing button #4 for the fireworks. Thanks Lynne!

Cindy and Chery Wells for bringing even more food and yummies. Thanks!
Special thanks to Dick Alta Vista and Tonya Price for doing a great job as MC’s for the evening. Dick also prepared the delicious Jamaican patties for the bands. He also transported the bass amp and drum kit. You were both fantastic!

Thanks again to Laker Beer’s generous sponsorship of suds for the bands.

Thank you Kevin Colbourne and Laker Beer!

Dave’s Drum Shop for the loaner drum kit – thank you.

Spaceman Music for the bass amp – thank you.

Thanks to Dylan Hunter and CKCU for the loan of all the extra gear.

Bill Kole for the poster design – thank you.

Condolences go out to Derek Bradshaw who lost his Dad the day before Barnstorm. Up until that point Derek and Jenn arranged the raffle prizes including the donation of the bike. Of course they were not here, but you were missed, and we all thought of you. Thank you Derek and Jenn, my thoughts have been with you.

Special thanks to Kent ‘the man’ MacMillan for all the effort throughout the year with my crazy idea’s and working right through the event and the days after. This year was a pool fence, the improvement of the “Mess Hall”, and the satellite dish gazebo. I’m working on the new idea’s right now Kent. Thank you.

Thanks to Martha Walsh desserts for our performers’ hospitality area, stage direction, it’s always wonderful to have you with us.

Trish Murray and Mireille McLaughlin and others helped maintain order at the main entrance, helped at the gate, and ran the raffle. Thank You!
Lastly, I would like to thank my girlfriend/partner/wife Margaret for serving food, and for putting up with me for the last few weeks, as there were many long nights and early mornings that were spent working on the endless details that need to be attended to. Thank You Sweetie!

Barnstorm 16 might be over, but v.17 is just in its beginnings (incredible that it takes a year to put on a weekend). If you would like to be part of Barnstorm 17, even in its early stages, please let me know. You can stay in touch by joining the facebook page here;

Feel free to share your photos, and let me know what you thought of Barnstorm 16.

The date for Barnstorm 17 is August 20th, 2016. SAVE THE DATE!

Thank you all for a remarkable weekend.


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