What happens when a talented folk duo from Ontario invite a classically trained violinist/front woman, and a rock influenced rhythm section to play music together?

RedFox is a five piece indie-folk band based in Montreal, Quebec. When the trio of Daphnee Vandal, Jono Townsend, and Tim Loten first met in September of 2017 they rehearsed as an acoustic folk and bluegrass band. After months of honing their sound, and the addition of hard rock drummer Sam Neumann as well as bassist Sam Robinson, their sound has been transformed into the epic high energy indie experience that it is. An ensemble lead by Daphnee Vandal’s dynamic voice backed by bass, drums, guitar, fiddle, and banjo, RedFox retains their acoustic roots origins, while exploring more electric sounds.

The groups can trace their influences back to bands such as Punch Brothers, Mumford & Sons and Paramore.


  • Daphnée Vandal  – Vocals/Violin
  • Jono Townsend – Guitar
  • Tim Loten -Banjo
  • Samuel Neumann – Drums
  • Sam Robinson – Bass

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