Peter Slim – Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Drums, Harmonica
Chief Lone Pig – Guitar, Bass Guitar
Machine Gun Jimmy – Vocals & Guitar
Dick Altavista – Drums & Bass Guitar

Akin to a 65 Chevy pickup with Ontario plates careening down a series of mountain switchbacks with no brakes, and making it to the bottom unscathed, The Bushpilots are in their seventh year of burning up stages in Eastern Canada with their particular brand of barnstorming rock and roll.

Rob Bennett – Vocals, guitar and harmonica
Tom Gillon – Guitar and backing vocals
Jeff Monette – Bass
Tom Pechloff – Piano, organ and backing vocals
Kevin Smith – Drums

The name may sound like a B-grade drive-in horror flick, but, they are a raw and raunchy trio from Canada?s capital with a growing legion of fans, and reputation for intense stage shows. Their sound is real rock’n’roll, with a roots-rock flavour. The band can easily do a rocking surf instrumental with the fervor of Dick Dale, and, in a heartbeat, shift gears to roll right into a rockin’ rockabilly rave up, or a Stooges influenced, feedback infused, pounding rock’n’roll song.

Dave Kerr – Guitar and Lead Vocals
Janice Fitzsimmons – Bass and Lead Vocals
Jeb Bond – Drums and Backing Vocals

A native of Ottawa, Canada, Ken Workman was raised on the vinyl sounds of roots, from Townes Van Zandt and Steve Earle to Blue Rodeo and Bruce Springsteen. No stranger to the road, Workman got started singing in the small pubs and bars of Eastern Ontario, sometimes driving for hours to a show only to make a return trip the same night. His repertoire consisted of mainly cover material until he was encouraged to share some of his little-known originals.

Ken Workman – vocals/guitar
Sean Burke – bass/vocals
Tom Pechloff – organ, piano/vocals
R.W. Haller – lead guitar/vocals
Ian Cook – drums/vocals

A bunch of fellows who got together to play music reminiscent of late 60’s and early 70’s european B-movie soundtracks…you know! … the ones with vampire lesbians…angry ones….anyway, it has evolved into a slightly different animal…one that is a tad harder to describe.

Pat Lawlor – guitar
John Higney – guitar, lap steel, keyboards
Jamie Gullikson – drums and whacking
Martin Newman – bass guitar

Blood, Sweat and Beer aptly describes Ninety Pounds of Ugly as they churn out country-tinged, rockabilly-infused, obscenity-sprinkled tales of drinking, stinking and thinking. Newcomer Patsy Clash puts a high-ball sheen on some low-brow topics covered in such soon-to-be-classics as ‘Tips & Tits Get Bigger At Midnight’, ‘Venom In My Denim’, ‘Take Your Pants Off Johnny’ and ‘I’m Batshit Crazy 4U’. Guaranteed to offend most and entertain all, NPOU is coming soon to a town near you.

Patsy Clash sings
Lefty McRighty sings and plays guitar
Stand-up Steve plays the double-bass
Ernie Legend sinisterly whacks things