From the moment Ashley Newall first strummed a guitar, he‘s been seeking truth in music. Inspired by John Lennon, he composed his first song at 16, and released a recording of his own material within less than a year. Now more than 20 years and umpteen songs later, the mature Newall writes about love and lust, with a sprinkling of social and spiritual commentary. With styles ranging from Latin and reggae, to pop, country, rock and funk, Ashley matches lyrical themes to varying musical styles. Through his publishing company, allNew Songs, Ashley is launching his music into new realms such as cinema and television. He has already had a song placed on a nationally broadcast CBC TV show and several of his original works placed on a recent movie soundtrack.

Ashley Newall – rhythm guitar/harp/vocals
Adam Fogo – bass/vocals
Brian Simms – lead guitar/vocals
Chris Cawthray – drums
Neil Gerster – keyboards/vocals

From the sarcastic Ska muses of “Prophet for Profit” which jabs
directly at pseudo-religious cults, to the hardcore punk onslaught of “Wasted Generation” toting the infamous and facetious line “Stay In School” and “OpenFire”, Flow 14 unabashedly takes the piss out of everything they deem worthy. Thus, if you have any ties to wrong-wing politics, belief in imaginary friends or deities, or feel that anti-choice is a sane choice, then this album is not for you! Everyone else is welcome to join in.

Scott Williams – Vocals/Guitar
Colin Wolfson – Guitar/Vocals
Oliver Morones – Bass/Horns/Keys/Vocals
Phil Tremblay – Drums

The Big Bend formed in November of 2008. After 11 months of
rehearsals, the band made its debut at the venerable Elmdale House Tavern in October 2009. Blending rock and roll with the occasional hint of country, the Big Bend has been described as having a late ’80s Canadiana sound. The band went into Little Bullhorn Studios in November 2009 and has begun work on their debut album.

Tom Pechloff – Keys/Vocals
Ashley Newall – Bass/Vocals
Ian Vance – Guitar/Vocals
Isaac McFaul – Drums/Vocals

Yes, to some, the band’s obsession with old lamps might seem a bit strange. But to those who know The Woodrunners, it makes perfect sense. Maybe it’s because of their distinctively warm, organic sound. Maybe it’s because they harken back to that laid-back vibe of an old lakeside cottage- the kind with mismatched furniture and unfinished walls where, somehow, everything looks like it belongs together. But whatever it is, one thing’s for sure: The Woodrunners are five guys who like to play music together. It’s been said The Woodrunners have a sound that might make you reminisce about going through a box of your dad’s dusty, old rock ‘n’ roll LPs from the late sixties/early seventies. They would describe their songs as rootsy, raucous, catchy, loose, and above all fun rock ‘n roll music. Countryish sometimes, psych-poppy maybe, or whatever, but fun, and absolutely from the gut and from the heart. The Woodrunners are what you get when a bunch of music geeks actually teach themselves to play and get a band together. Their songs are the result of common heroes and current obsessions tossed into a big pot and simmered over many nights of tunes and words. They hope you like the result, ’cause The Woodrunners had a blast making these tunes.

Curtis MacPhee – Vocals/Guitar
Marc Audet – Vocals/Guitar 
Craig O’Leary – Drums/Percussion 
Shawn Purdy – Bass/Vocals 
James Rossiter – Keyboards

In the five years since its inception over beers at Irene’s Pub, Ottawa’s The Reverb Syndicate has become one of the city’s premier instrumental rock bands. The group has spent its short time together thrilling local and foreign audiences with a highly danceable blend of 60s surf, spy and go-go music. The Reverb Syndicate was formed in 2005 with the simple concept of exploring and re-imagining the music of groups like The Ventures and The Shadows and the soundtracks of old spy movies. Following this concept has lead them to two independently released albums of original music (2006’s “Operation: Jet Set!” and 2007’s “Sputnik A-Go-Go”), heavy gigging throughout Ontario and Quebec, and a headlining performance in New York City. In September 2008, The Reverb Syndicate played a series of dates in England and Scotland, hooking up with a variety of UK surf, rock and punk bands.

Mike Bradford – guitar
James Rossiter – guitar/keyboard player
Jeff Welch – bassist
Mike Rifkin – drummer

Whistling in from the hills of the Ottawa Valley comes a sound like no other. Steve Stacey and the Stump Splitters like to kick up the dust on the old country sound, to a place where pedal steel guitars reign and lyrics will not only hit home but will also entertain the most skeptical of critics. Playing some of the biggest stages in Ottawa and the surrounding area, Steve and the Stump Splitters have been making new fans fast and furious. With a new CD in the works, following up the 2004 debut Sounded Good at the Time, Steve is armed with a variety of tales, fibs, and out-right lies (for the most part) that make listening to him not only fun, but also one hell of a good time.

Steve Stacey – Rhythm Guitar/lead vocals/harmonica
Pat Robillard – Pedal Steel/Electric Guitar
Jason Woodley – dead animal skins
Dave MacDonald – Bass
Guitar/back-up vocals
John Dillabough – Mandolin/Electric Guitar