Catchy, energetic, foot-tapping and beat-driven all describe the sound. The message that John Punch has for you comes across in the music and the band’s feelings about the message. The band reflects a growing social movement against the mainstream, which Canada seems to be leading. But who the fuck is John Punch?

Cory came up with the name: “I originally heard of John Punch from the Howard Zinn book [“A People’s History of The United States”] and … it’s an awful story of racism that more people should know about, and none of us should ever forget. I’m not sure entirely why, but I’m attracted to that man’s slave name that was given to him.”

Cory Thibodeau – guitar, vocals
Chris Bradley – bass
Dylan Roberts – drums

The fiery and flamboyant Good2Go singer kicks out the jams with big boots and a burning rock desire. On stage Miss Maureen likes to cook the rawk with rocket fuel and that always leads to a smoking live show that you’ll never forget.

Faster than a speeding bullet, Christian lets loose some pretty friggin’ good rock n roll guitar. His vintage Fender Stratocaster can go from 0-100 mph in well under 20 nanoseconds.

Reg “Super Sizes” the Good2Go sound with his old Fender Precision bass and as a engine coolant Reg believes beer works best.

Gilles plays the drums the same way a lumber jack drops trees. His Gretsch drum kit has suffered many years of abuse but still enjoys the hard hitting brutality. Watch Gilles play the drums and you will believe!

Miss Maureen – vocals
Christian Lapensee – guitar
Reg Allen – bass
Gilles Mantha – drums
Glen Russell – keyboards

Muffler Crunch plays the heaviest music in the world on Sparky, the crappiest guitar in the world. We ARE hard rock!

Recorded in the winter of 2010, our third album promises to be the most bold, big-assed monster ever to come out of this city.

Muffler Crunch?s future goal is to be able to afford to tour and play and play and play and keep on playing eventually playing for Conan O’Brien someday. Their mission is to inspire you and blow you away.

Angie Barbarian – drums, lead vocals
Luc – guitar

In the five years since its inception over beers at Irene’s Pub, Ottawa’s The Reverb Syndicate has become one of the city’s premier instrumental rock bands. The group has spent its short time together thrilling local and foreign audiences with a highly danceable blend of 60s surf, spy and go-go music.

The Reverb Syndicate was formed in 2005 with the simple concept of exploring and re-imagining the music of groups like The Ventures and The Shadows and the soundtracks of old spy movies. Following this concept has lead them to two independently released albums of original music, heavy gigging throughout Ontario and Quebec, and a headlining performance in New York City. In September 2008, The Reverb Syndicate played a series of dates in England and Scotland, hooking up with a variety of UK surf, rock and punk bands.

Mike Bradford – guitar
James Rossiter – guitar, keyboards
Jeff Welch – bassist
Mike Rifkin – drummer

This trio dishes out raw rock for your carnivorous musical pleasure. Vegetarian? There’s a hypnotic ballad or two in the mix too. The no-fail recipe combines super-tight rhythms of veteran drummer Peter Von Althen and bass wunderkind Matt Ouimet with the heavy rhythmic guitar grooves of former Jupiter Ray Project frontman, Jack Pelletier. Add just the right dash of keys by Dave Draves and funky background vocals by Ouimet and you’ve got a dish you can really sink your teeth into.

Jack Pelletier – lead vocals, guitar
Mat Ouimet – backing vocals, bass
Peter Von Althen – drums

Drinkin’ Ramblin Honky Tonkin’, the title of the debut album from Ottawa, Ontario’s Uncle Sean & the Shifty Drifters, aptly describes their musical style as well as their lifestyle. They bring a heartbreaking mix of old time honky tonk & outlaw country, complete with blazin’ fiddles, pluckin’ banjos and wailin’ pedal steel. Uncle Sean was born & raised in Sudbury, Ontario on a steady diet of Pabst Blue Ribbon & Johnny Cash. his country twang will take you back to the good ol’ days of country music, with instant classics such as “Pour Myself a Friend”, “Six Feet Deep”, and “Country Boy Livin’ Free”.

The Shifty Drifters consist of Ottawa music veterans: Peter Pritchard on lead guitar, Steve Donnelly on upright bass, Shawn Brown on pedal steel and tele, and Ernie Legend on drums.

Uncle Sean & the Shifty Drifters’ unique style of honky tonk country will have you foot stompin & honky tonkin in no time. So shine up your boots, send the kids to Grandma’s house, and get ready to tip back a few whiskeys with the boys!

Sean Oliver – guitar, vocals
Steve – bass
Shawn – steel guitar
Ernie – drums
Peter – guitar