Born in Bowmanville, Ontario and raised in Shawville, QC, Harris is a 20-year veteran of the Ottawa scene, having played with with the Sunbleached Skulls, Lefty McRighty, George Stryker & the Bandits, Mustang Ranch, The Willies, as well as hosting dozens of songwriter circles, charity and tribute shows.

Ray Harris – Vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar
Danny Artuso – Steel guitar
Steve Donnelly – Guitar
Jason Anderson – Mandolin
Brent Weatherall – Bass
Jeb Bond – Drums

Roaring out of the Great White North, Big Jeezus Truck was built in 1998 in the backwoods and scrapyards of Ontario. Emerging with a turbocharged sound that mixes hardrock and countrypunk, Big Jeezus Truck has been reviewed as “Johnny Cash meets Johnny Ramone.”

Slim Reaper – Vocals
Tom E. Hawke – Guitar
Captain Killdrums – Drums
Mat Spag – Bass

Saint Clare is a seven piece fuzz pop orchestra based out of Ottawa, Ontario that plays frantic, heartfelt, and moody rock n’ roll songs. Led by Matthew Saint Clare, the group is backed by former members of Ottawa bands like The Shakey Aches, Casey Comeau and the Half Milers, Kraken the Case, Monohum, and Golden Familie.

Matthew Saint Clare – Vocals and Guitar
Richard Jeffrey – Guitar and Vocals
Ryan Shannon – Bass
Casey Comeau – Organ, Piano, Synth
Morgan Grant – Saxophone
Nick Di Saverio – Trombone
Daniel DeVries – Drums

Americana, roots music, rough­around­the­edges folk. Canadian songwriter Lynne Hanson prefers “porch music with a little red dirt.” Hanson songs are like a favorite pair of jeans. They’re rough around the edges, faded and worn through in spots, with a bit of honestly­acquired dirt ground into the seams. And they’re expressed in a rich voice coupled with accomplished guitar playing that demands repeated listening.

Lynne Hanson – Guitar, Vocals
Danny Artuso – Steel guitar
Steve Donnelly – Bass
Jeb Bond – Drums

The Sick Sick Sicks get you grooving with their innovative Djangobilly music. Fronted by the highly entertaining lead singer, Maxim “Banjo Man” Cossette, you never know what will happen from one song to the next; Rob tearing up the fret board in a blaze of fingerpicking, Red dancing through the crowd with his bass or Kosta jumping behind the drums with a soul lifting solo. From Gypsy jazz, rockabilly, surf and bluegrass to punk and Americana, they’re on a mad, mad trip and they’re taking you along for the ride.

Maxim Cossette – guitar, vocals, banjo, bass
Rov Varma – Guitar, vocals
Red Bronson – Bass, Backup vocals
Kosta McKay – Drums, Vocals

R.W. Haller is a singer/songwriter from Ottawa Ontario. With hints of country, folk, and a healthy dose of Rock and Roll his songs are at once familiar yet new and original. With the release of his first solo record, Wasted Time, R.W. steps into the spotlight after years of playing alongside many incredible artists as sideman/multi-instrumentalist. Songs about love lost, love found, and the love of his country dominate Wasted Time. From toe-tapping patriotism to country soul you’d be hard pressed to not find some common ground with this music.

R.W. Haller – Guitar, vocals
Sean Burke – Bass
Tom Pechloff – Keys
Jeb Bond – Drums
Fred Guignon – Guitar